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In Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, Dan, now 15 years old, is reunited with Drago, who was separated from the Perfect Core with the help of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia. Bakugan Caucasian, medium height, and an athletic build. Although constantly arguing with each other, Dan and Runo are in love but don't confess until the end of the series, where they are seen going on a movie date together. Dan Kuso He then gets attacked by Anubias and Sellon along with Shun. After losing two of his Bakugan to Reaper, he sends out Drago and he was losing the battle until Dan tried to activate an Ability Card, which Drago was able to exceed and cause the battle to end in a draw. Finally, he battled Shun. He constantly insisted on battling even though he was dissuaded by Marucho, Rafe, Trister, and Shun. Dark hair with a red streak in it that he’s had since birth. MS 2 However, he sees another vision of Mag Mel and loses control yet again. Drago tries to make him stop fighting with him. Dan runs out of the park to retrieve Drago, and finds him in a nest of young birds. When he went to the meeting point, he found Shuji and Akira waiting for him for another rematch. Trox objects, but Wynton continues to film and post the prank videos. Drago took him and unknown to their knowledge, Marucho, to New Vestroia, where they were found by Mira Fermin and battled two members of the Vexos, Volt Luster and Lync Volan. The battle goes smoothly until Wiseman summons the evil Mechtogan. From episodes 32 to 35, he was locked up by Jake and was knocked out by Kazarina, who was going to vaporize him. One of the attacks is headed for Mac and Maggie, but Dan activates Drago and shields them from the blast. Shun and Fabia then expose Ren as a Gundalian agent, revealing that the Gundalians are the invaders, not the Neathians. Bakugan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In A Royale Pain, Dan and Drago are briefly seen at the end of the episode climbing a mountain in New Vestroia. Although he was able to win in the end by anticipating Rikimaru's moves, he was angry at Dan because of his reckless actions that cause four Bakugan to be sent to the Doom Dimension. After Aay's attack on a local shopping mall, Dan notices the aptitudes of Magnus Black (in disguise) and Shun Kazami. They fail once, being out of sync, but after a few words of wisdom from Wavern, they succeed and begin to hunt the entity haunting them. She took Spectra, Gus, and Dan back to the lab, where Dr. Michael sent Spectra and Gus back to New Vestroia. After seeing that Magnus was just trying to trick them, he attempts to brawl him with Drago, only to hold back so that he doesn't hurt the brainwashed Artulean. Dan and Drago are seen later talking about what happened and Dan admits that he has no idea what to do. They then say that it is a bad idea but he says that it is their only hope and that all of his friends have got his back. Dan is easily doing well but then Sid brings out Neo. GI Once Zenthon leaves, Dan and Drago's vision are returned to normal. While trying to fight off against a group of hypnotized kids, Dan battles Koji with a Mobile Assault vehicle. During the fight, a vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid appears, and Dan and Drago think they are fighting them instead of Anubias, causing them to lay waste to the field and endanger the crowd. This culminates in the Bakugan Celebration Day, where the Awesome Brawlers are given medals and compete in a tournament against other brawlers. With the combined effort of Drago, Trox, and Pegatrix, the Awesome Ones easily beat Maxotaur, and Gorthion is returned to Lia. View; Edit; History; This article is a disambiguation page for Dan . In The Ancient Elder, Dan found another Bakugan named Gillator. In Enemy Infiltration, Dan, Marucho, and Shun get the signal from Skytruss and Orbeum to Wiseman's hideout. When Robin ran off, he tried to stop Jake from running after him but got mad and gave up. Before they battle, Shun escapes while Fabia and Dan battle. He is challenged by Spectra while on Earth and agrees to battle with him. Through the two Mechtogan forming into Duomechtra, the brawlers are victorious. Unfortunately, the transporter needed to be repaired before another trip could be made. In episode 39, he battles Barodius and Phantom Dharak. Fabia fights most of the battle while Dan is silent. Dan has a vision of Mag Mel and his plan to attack the capital of Gundalia. After another intensive day of training, Dan and Drago are confronted by Wynton and Lia about the damage they caused while training. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, where they find Jenkins with a brawl offer from China Riot for Lia. Using a move that Wynton and Trox used earlier, Dan and Drago defeat Aay, receiving their meals for free in compensation. In episode 37, he tries to get to Barodius and Phantom Dharak, but is blocked by Strikeflier. First Appearance Dan battles Sid and Zenet Surrow in a tag battle with Ren. Twelve years after the Great Collision, the Awesome Ones sneak into a restricted area of Pinpoint Park, i… Later, they meet up with Preyas and Amazon at one of Drago's training grounds. In The Final Takedown, he and Drago defeated Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid, seemingly once and for all and Drago evolved into Fusion Dragonoid. Dan unwillingly accepted and defeated Shuji's Ventus Bakugan with ease. Centorrior and Druman (Tag with Runo, Marucho, Julie, Klaus, Julio, Spectra Phantom (Tag with Mira and Marucho), Zenoheld (Tag with the Resistance, Spectra, Gus, and Hydron), Brainwashed Bralwers (Tag with Shun, fabia, Marucho, Jake and cassle knights), Mag Mel (Tag with Shun, Marucho, Rafe, Paige, and Ren), Anubias and Sellon (Tag with Marucho and Shun), Mag Mel, Anubias, and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers), Anubias and Sellon (Tag with Shun, Marucho, Rafe, and Paige), Chaos Bakugan (Tag with Rafe, Paige, Shun, Marucho, Team Anubias and Team Sellon), Razen Titan and Chaos bakugan Army (Tag with the Battle Brawlers, Team Anubias, and Team sellon), Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Marucho and Shun), Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Marucho and Shun), In the English dub, he is the first and only one to use a. Dan, Runo, and Julie are the second youngest out of the original Battle Brawlers. Also, the two of them have been having visions of a masked man named Mag Mel and a Bakugan named Razenoid demanding that they give him their power. In Battle for Bakugan Land, Dan shows Runo around the amusement park. Heading towards the second shield generator, he arrives just in time to help out Shun, who was getting beaten badly by Kazarina. He moved to Bayview in Gundalian Invaders, as did Julie, who became his neighbor. In Jump to Victory, Dan gets annoyed by Runo showing him Aerogan. He wanted to talk with Marucho in forming a strategy along with Shun but Marucho declined as he needed to talk with Radizen alone. In Tri-Twister Take Down, the Brawlers discuss Dan and Drago taking a break from brawling in order to make sure the people inside Interspace are safe. The battle gets more intense forcing Dan to call Zenthon but Mag Mel calls his own Mechtogan with each side using their strongest attack with Drago losing the battle as Razenoid was too powerful which forced the Brawlers to retreat. In BakuNano Explosion, he went back to New Vestroia, to learn to control Drago's powers in safety. Alive Preyas lost and Drago went into rage and lost control again and started destroying the area and summoned Zenthon until Dan and Amazon came and brought Drago came back to control. The team stops Kravitz on her way out of Los Volmos, demanding their Bakugan back. Paige then receives a distress signal confirming that Gundalia is being attacked, and the brawlers decide to go help out Gundalia. Dan suggests that Drago create a portal to get them out of there but it doesn't work. Gunz got very angry that he lost to Dan when he was a rookie. Seeing that Cyndeous is no longer fighting back, Dan calls the brawl over, much to Marco's dismay. Dan asks Mira why, but she says she doesn't know.

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