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The characters are fairly crisp and distinct, so you won't have trouble spotting them on the small screen. The big thing though, it plays very well! Play 'em head-to-head on the PlayStation and decide for yourself! This isn't something you hear in every street fight, but MK II has the majority of those ominous voices that everyone likes to repeat. The action is true to the coin-op and slightly smoother than the SNES game's occasional chunky spots. The game for Sega Visions was considered a “sheer brilliance”. Maybe those Picassos out there who own a Super Game Boy can color in some blood. The revision 3.1 rules govern game play, so perpetual kombos are limited. There's no versus mode or tournament setup, but the available options include button configuration, handicapping for two players, and an adjustable CPU intelligence. You bet! So if you're a member of the teaming masses of MK-heads and happen to own a Saturn, I'm sure you're pitchin' a tent right about now. Its graphic display of violence caused many parents to prohibit their children from playing such a 'nasty' game. Mortal Kombat caused quite an uproar when it first appeared in arcades in October of 1992. Arcade authenticity was Acclaim's numero uno goal this time around, right down to every last pixel and sprite. It is a great game nevertheless. This time around there's more of what made it great and a few new surprises. The other main features are: the random character select, disabling throws, and new finishing moves. Acclaim cashes in on MKII once again.The most overrated of fighting games can now be played, in all its flawed glory, on the Sega Saturn. Graphics and sounds are excellent. All the characters that made the arcade version such a hit are back for more. Despite its cute, innocuous appearance on the small screen, MKIICB contains most of the violence and even some of the solid game play that made the arcade game a record earner. Nothing has been finalized as to whether or not the Random Character Select feature will be in, but it's our strong guess that this option will be there since it's quite popular among the arcade crowds. Now, with the help of Sega's new 32X attachment, Acclaim has re-released the arcade hit with all the powerful look and feel of the original stand-up. Acclaim also promises these discs will feature additional animation frames as well as enhanced graphics and sounds. you ask? Genesis owners will have much to cheer about with one of the most highly anticipated games of the year Mortal Kombat II is nearly identical to the arcade in every respect. Mortal Kombat II for the Super NES is as close to the arcade as it's gonna get. Genesis owners should check it out, it is definitely one of the best fighting games for the system. Check out the M-80 firecracker explosion when Scorp does the Flaming Bones! The arcade kombos are almost all there -- they're happening, and they're juggling. If you're a jumpin', jugglin', teleportin', spearin', uppercut-tin', kombo-krazy kombatant, you'll be jonesin' to try all your favorite arcade kombos. This critical timing is expected to be as close to the arcade as possible. The music's great also, with only a few tunes and riffs missing. Having released all four versions of the game on the same day, Acclaim pulled off something nobody thought could be done. The three-button layout isn't terrible, and the majority of the moves are intuitive. Since MK II is black-and-white here its very difficult to tell the ninjas apart and why was Raiden removed? Within these pages you'll find pictures of the game for all the systems and learn about what makes this version a near clone to the arcade. But sorry guys, now you aren't the only ones to get the blood and guts action like before. Who won't get their hands on this one? All the secrets you could want are here, except for Reptile's floor move in the Armory. The best news about this translation is the game play. There's no doubt that the changes have made a much better fighting game, but the bottom line here is that it's too little, too late. If you own a SNES or Genesis system, you'd be nuts to buy either handheld version over their big brothers. Standing High Kicks are a great way to keep the enemy out when they jump in. This menagerie includes the arm-ripping Fatalities, skin-dissolving Dead Pools, impaling Spikes, flattening Pits, tear-jerking Friendships, and maternity-inducing Babalities. Throughout all these pictures there are no fatalities, pits, friendships, or babalities. We're gonna give you Mortal Kombat! Of course, the biggest news for SNES gamers is that the SNB version contains all the arm-ripping, torso-tearing action of the arcade game. Start Button use Enter This is all well and good, but Acclaim could have added an option to toggle between coin-op revisions just for the rejuggle fun of it. But the true test of any fighting cart isn't in the extras, it's in the actual play. The great control really helps to offset the lack of voices and the strange sound effect choices. This is a great version of MK2.The sound and graphics are, to say the least, stunning. I would get the Super NES version instead. Only time will tell if the three hidden characters and the finishing moves can be reproduced in their entirety. The SNES's sounds are also close to arcade quality. You'll also find some memory-conserving changes to your favorite Fatalities: Liu Kang's Dragon doesn't bite off the opponent's head, but instead burns them to a crisp. because you won't want to play this on the Super Game Boy. On top of that, it's two years old, having been succeeded by MK3, another woefully flawed fighter. One thing the game lacks is a variety of modes. The action will include all 14 arcade characters, plus Baraka, Kitana, Reptile, and other kombatants. With a total of twelve characters, seven totally new, all those who've mastered the arcade edition will have no problem picking up a controller and performing every killer combo that made this game so great. These two handheld versions of Mortal Kombat II either suck or bite. Its mass appeal and controversy will keep it going long into the home market. Good luck finding the hidden characters-if they're around, the ways to find them have changed. ¿Lograste jugar este juego? The gameplay of MK II was better than the one in the first game, with normal and basic moves being expanded. Everyone else will give MK II a big limbs up! The game was released on the market after an expensive $10 million global marketing campaign, but in the end the release was a major hit. This is the version of Mortal Kombat II to get. MKII fans who rated the arcade a perfect 5.0 should snap up this game posthaste. All the stages, pits, Bosses, and hidden characters are here. Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller. One of the other characluis should have been removed. It isn't bad considering the format. The gory second installment has been number one in the arcades but finds a little trouble holding up to its biggest rival, Street Fighter II: Super Turbo. If you're a Mortal maniac, you're not even gonna need the manual as you rip into every one of the possible 62 Fatality, Babality, and Friendship moves. The action is one-on-one as before, and famed for its high level of violence and blood (other than the sanitised Nintendo version). Unfortunately, this deletion precludes the possibility of doing certain ninja kombos in the corner. Raiden, Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, and Baraka are nowhere to be found. This is no ordinary fighting game you're dealing with! The game was an unprecedented commercial success and was acclaimed by most critics, receiving many annual awards and having been featured in various top lists in the years and decades to come, but also perpetuating a major video game controversy due to the continuously over-the-top violent content of the series. This improvement is partially a result of the smaller sprite size, but that's a small compromise for better, more responsive game play. Last year's hottest game returns for round two as Mortal Kombat II hits the shelves for the SNB, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy in September. When Mortal Kombat II stormed homes last year, it spread joy and pain across the televisions of the world and launched controversy after controversy about the future of video game violence. All 12 playable characters from the coin-sucker are represented -- a full seven of them new (two were bosses in MK). The changes aren't as extreme as the leap from 1.1 to 2.1, but there are a few new features and differences. Their game is here and what an excellent translation it is. The new cart plays far better than the Genesis version of the same game. For the 32X, the game is a first chance to truly show off some of the advantages that its improved graphics engine can offer Sega players. No biggie.With big characters, technicolor red stuff and a little faerie dust, Mortal Kombat II will please all. Our sources ensure us that the programmers have gone to great lengths to make even the pros feel challenged. So get set for another look at the game that's been tearing up the arcades for many months now, Mortal Kombat II. Have you noticed that none of the pictures shown so far depict any blood! This time Nintendo, learning its lesson about giving consumers what they want, allowed Acclaim to release an exact duplicate of the arcade version of the game, complete with bloody Fatalities and gory special moves.

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