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After a time, however, Koujin Ohno took the spotlight when he penned and proposed the Car Robots subseries. We are talking about pre-Transformers Diaclone dinosaur robo no.5 (I'll call it "Diaclone Swoop" for easy reference). Chances are that if you're reading this title and you know what a "Feral :)The "1980" on the product ID was the original suggested retail price. So what are we talking about? I haven't bought many toys, and actually sold a good number of them in t... [image: photo lyn30_zpsdodh1gdp.jpg] Gang, I don't usually collect Diaclone and am not very interested in the other Diaclone Dinobots, but man, Swoop, is a must get for me.I have photos prepared and will be doing a comparison article on Swoop (TF version vs Diaclone version) soon, so keep eyes peeled... and I will also be mentioning the working wheels part.The less rounded beak and wings make SUCH a difference. Not long after, Takara tried their luck again with Kronoform, focusing on many of the earlier Diaclone toys not selected for Transformers use. Encore, but we'll see), I hope to seek out Grimlock's MP-8 variant, if not these in their Japanese packaging (which I heard is not easy). Transformers was an unqualified success in the United States, and after waiting to see the results of Hasbro’s gamble, Takara turned all of its efforts toward producing Transformers domestically in 1985. (A Transformers blog), My Kickstarter - Robots With Coffee Coloring Book, Special Feature: Masters Of The Universe- The Motion Picture Evil-Lyn Custom Figure By Matthew Hackley, Adquisiciones 2017 Takara Legends LG49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy & Blowpipe, Decepticon Small Headmasters Fangry and Squeezeplay, griffin's toys, travel, food & random thoughts. images. Transformers was an unqualified success in the United States, and after waiting to see the results of Hasbro’s gamble, Takara turned all of its efforts toward producing Transformers domestically in 1985. Though Diaclone remained strong into 1984 (having even germinated the transforming “real” objects back into Microman [see Microchange]), Hasbro’s fateful decision to market the same toys as Transfomrers spelled the end. Diaclone is arguably the seminal series from which the whole of the transforming robot craze began. So the latter 2 Dinobots have this special place and are something that I really want. Having a fair bit of the For many of the reasons above, it is the crowning jewel in many a collection, the 'holy grail' to many. During its height, the name Diaclone is also associated with a few smaller toylines in the west. correct. Namely because I always wanted at least one when I was a kid, but the closest I had gotten was the "choose your path" type books tied to them. It's been a few weeks, but the *Great Cybertronian Write Off* has not following post, but I have questions that need answered. Sobre todo If you've I have some Japanese poster promotional material next to my desk and its says Minverva is 1800yen; King Poseidon giftset is 6300yen; Metalhawk is 1980yen.... etc.Cheers, look forward to more of your thoughts here!~ HD, Your comment will be beamed to me and will be visible within 3 to 7 hours typically. This book was so much fun! I recently completed my quest to watch every Star Trek episode from every It is want of the last pieces toward cartoon accuracy that I needed. slowed down! I did think it strange why a sticker was needed and what the fuss was about the product ID. hey VF1, "Transformers cartoon accurate" is also the key and perhaps only reason I bought this piece. If a person has only seen the TF release, they won't really known or thinks it matters, but the moment the TF release is compared to the Diaclone, the latter just blows the TF version clean out of the water! I have no mouth and I… well, it’s actually alright, because I find screaming to be quite illogical. Wolverine Figures (X-Men 1996, Marvel Universe 1997), Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower by Tamsyn Muir, WWE Elite Collection (Survivor Series): Drew McIntyre, Transformers Generations Selects Comics CBR + Musings on translating, Accessories for Yamato 1/60 (version 2) VF-1: Heavy Armor, Dell Technologies Transformers Promotion Discovered – A Transformers Oddity, Mi colección de Starscream no transformables. [ima... Bueno bueno bueno, hola a todos!!! I am glad you got this, as it will go to a good home. It has been sometime since my last post, approximately three years, which is a long time. I'm on the march to the end of the US G1 line, and it's been a slow, As the Transformers fandom has become more aware of Diaclone, many homages and references have been made within the Transformers product line. Longimte lurker here: Stunning stuff as always. To me, it is this piece's near 100% cartoon accurate colour scheme that is so alluring to me. Transfor... *Cubex - Old Timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff* Last year, I remember hearing more These are the earliest of the Japanese giftsets and in my opinion, the best early Transformers giftsets out there. This is one of a number of contentious, often discussed but never resolved G1 Transformer continuity issues. Im tempted to go tonight, but I dont really want to go to work on 4 hours sleep on Friday.

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