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#tbt primera visita de Constanza al #institutonacionaldepediatriademexico, cuando a nombre de ella hicimos un #donativo para detección de deficiencias en capacidades visuales y auditivas en neonatos, en apoyo de científicos jóvenes mexicanos y prevenir la fuga de cerebros.#vida #amor #compartir #juntos #juntospodemos #educar #educarparatransformar #amarlavida #love #live #love2live #share #together #education #bethechangeyouwishtosee #smile ?? The Mexican queen of telenovelas, the late Edith González, sadly passed away on June 13, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Her brother, Victor Manuel González, has been acting as the official spokesperson for the family and has been updating her fans about how they have been since his sister's passing. Her family, even though completely devastated, put on a united front and showed an admirable demeanor in the face of such saddening news. Constanza was born in 2004. Edith Gonzalez leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter Constanza. Mama, Doña Bárbara was a strong, independent and ‘macho’ character, but I would have liked to be half the woman you were, because Doña Bárbara faced the world with hate, but you did it with love. Edith Gonzalez and her daughter Constanza. When she was born, he was so taken with her when he first saw her that he wanted to name her Guadalupe after the saint. Constanza was born on August 17, 2004, Hola.com shared. Edith only had one child. Apart from being seen attending her mother's funeral, where she was warmly greeted by Santiago, she has maintained a very low profile and has rarely been seen out. A post shared by Edith González? (@edith_and_cons_g) on Feb 17, 2018 at 5:47am PST, Here is the translated quote: “In school (she) is doing well, has responded very well despite all the pressure… The last quarter was just the one that … suffered, but hey, it’s worth it because it was a tough year.”, Edith Gonzalez’s Daughter, Constanza Creel Gonzalez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Edith Gonzalez's daughter Constanza's latest custody updates Edith González's 14-year-old daughter's custody revealed after mother's passing A document … She leaves behind a daughter, Constanza Creel Gonzalez, who … Powered by. See photos and learn more about Constanza, who stayed strong during her mom's cancer. There was a particularly poignant moment this week when the star’s brother Víctor Manuel González appeared on TV show Ventaneando to praise his sister for … Edith Gonzalez, a popular telenovela star, died on June 13 from ovarian cancer. One of Edith's wishes was for the family to protect Constanza from the spotlight in order for her to live a normal life. I love you, mom.”, Remembering Edith González: her widower celebrates her on the one year anniversary of her passing, Edith González’s widower Lorenzo Lazo steps out with his new girlfriend, Lorenzo Lazo remembers Edith Gonzalez in what would have been their ninth wedding anniversary, Edith Gonzalez's widower celebrates Mexico with never-before-seen video of the actress, Eva Longoria rocks cute socks with her sons face on them, Ranking the Worst to Best Kardashian Christmas trees, Fallece Flor Silvestre, abuela de Ángela Aguilar, a los 90 años. In 2008, Edith talked about Santiago with People, saying she had known him for nearly 30 years and had a brief romance with him. Edith said her daughter was doing well in academics despite what was happening, Quien.com shared. Edith was always proud of her daughter, sharing photos of her and talking about her on Instagram. Many have commented about how much alike the two appear. Constanza Creel Gonzalez was born to Edith Gonzalez and Santiago Creel. She said the romance started when she was getting out of a tough relationship and he was looking for something new in his life. Getty/Instagram Santiago Creel is a politician in Mexico. Cuanto a crecido mi pequeña cons… Mi niña, Te Amo princesa?? They met at a bullfight when he was 25 and she was 14, People reported, and met up again at a benefit gala several years later. Edith's family, who has remained very private about the affairs surrounding her death, decided to release the document in order to disprove reports about Lorenzo asking to take on full custoday of the child. (@edith_and_cons_g) on Apr 1, 2018 at 7:00pm PDT. A post shared by Edith González? A look back at Edith González and daughter Constanza close relationship. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch with your cultura. However, the 14-year-old wanted to share a goodbye letter she wrote to her to her mom with fans, which her uncle read on the show Ventaneando. Here are more details and photos about Constanza.

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