el color de la pasión muerte de alonso

Release Dates Acţiune; Animaţie; Aventuri; Biografic; Comedie; Crimă; Documentar; Dragoste; Dramă Amar Sin Límites. Amorcito Corazón. | El Color de la Pasión #5 One Sister's Death, ... Alonso and Naz are at the airport just now getting the news that he can get on the next flight back to Mexico. Amor Bravio. In the hospital room, Rebeca swears to Adriana that she never meant to hurt her, ... Amar a Muerte. Tragically, Adriana loses her life, but miraculously her daughter survives and is named Lucía, after Adriana's mother. For the 2015 Philippine adaptation of, "Gómez Fernández inicia "Pasión de amor", se suspende "Madre sustituta, "Telenovela "El Color de la Pasión" inicia grabaciones en Puebla", "Sería Claudia Ramírez villana en "Pasión de Amor, "Moisés Arizmendi debutará como villano en "El color de la pasión, "Conoce la historia de El Color de la Pasión", "Sinopsis telenovela El color de la pasión", "Resumen y detalles del gran final de El color de la pasión", "Telenovela "El color de la pasión" inicia grabaciones en Puebla", "Graban en Puebla la telenovela El Color de la Pasión", "Detalles de la nueva telenovela de Televisa, El color de la pasión", "Registra 15.5 puntos de rating "El color de la pasión, "Final de "El color de la pasión" registró alto rating", "¡Este domingo, gran final de El color de la pasión! [7][8], The telenovela began its production in Puebla on February 4, 2014. Official Sites Disfruta de la telenovela completa AQUÍ ️ https://app.blim.com/Cs9x/ytdnecdlptlnovelas La vida de Alonso es delicada y tras enterarse Rebeca busca la manera de… Detalii; ... Spune-ţi părerea despre Rebeca culpa a Marcelo de la muerte de Alonso Pentru a scrie un review trebuie sa fii autentificat. [6], It's been 24 years since the tragic accident. Amor de Barrio. Filming & Production The plot revolves around Rebeca (Michelle Renaud / Claudia Ramírez), a woman who always hated her sister Adriana (Ariadne Díaz) for having everything including the man whom Rebecca loved. Amor de Barrio. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Rebeca culpa a Marcelo de la muerte de Alonso, Amador Zuñiga Alonso and Adriana have a solid and happy marriage, but are unaware of Rebeca's true envious nature, which she masks by being a "sweet angel". The Color of Passion[1] (Original title in Spanish: El color de la pasión) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Roberto Gómez Fernández for Televisa. [16][17], "Pasión de Amor" redirects here. However, she finds out her sister, Nora, is sleeping with Rodrigo after he leaves Lucia planted in the altar. Magdalena (Ana Isabel Torre) and Rebeca (Michelle Renaud), sisters of Adriana, live with her sister and husband due to them being orphans. | [7][6], Lucía is a young, noble and sweet girl of good feelings that is about to marry Rodrigo Zúñiga (Mariano Palacios),[7] her boyfriend of most of her life. [11] During the premiere, The Color of Passion had recorded 15.5 rating points. | Simón Pedro Gómez). Detalii; ... Spune-ţi părerea despre Rebeca culpa a Marcelo de la muerte de Alonso Pentru a scrie un review trebuie sa fii autentificat. ", "Ratings Prime Time EE UU 09/06 - Nielsen Overnight Affiliates / Average Viewers", "Lista de Nominados Favoritos del Público - Premios TVyNovelas 2015", "Premios TVyNovelas 2015: Lista Completa De Nominados", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Color_of_Passion&oldid=974986870, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ana Isabel Torre as Young Magdalena Murillo, This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 02:40. (as Moises Arizmendi), executive producer (as Roberto Gómez Fernández), unit manager (as Ing. Company Credits Filme pe genuri. Because of this, Magdalena develops depression and is helpless in uncovering Rebeca's secret.[6]. [6], Rebeca has always been secretly in love with Alonso, and therefore harbors envious feelings towards her sister; that feeling becomes hatred upon learning that Adriana will soon become a mother. This leads him to delve into the Gaxiola-Murillo family and there he meets Lucía, who he falls in love with, not knowing she is the niece of Rebeca, the woman he seeks and for which his half-brother committed suicide, but things will not be so easy for Marcelo since Lucía does not want to know anything about love after the trauma she experienced on her wedding day. "El color de la pasión" Rebeca culpa a Marcelo de la muerte de Alonso (TV Episode 2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. [7], Féderico's brother, Marcelo Escalante Fuentes, (Erick Elías) arrives in Puebla to take revenge on the woman who lead to his brother's death, but is surprised to learn that the woman he seeks, Adriana Murillo, died 24 years ago. [9], For the development of the telenovela producers decided to set the novel in a province of Mexico City, to show the entire world the beautiful landscapes and localities of Mexico,[10] since Puebla is considered a small Mexican Hollywood. Rebeca (Claudia Ramírez) and Alonso (René Strickler) are married and are the parents of their daughter, Nora (Ximena Romo), an unbalanced, envious and selfish girl, who has always felt less than her sister and wants everything she has. Amores con Trampa. Amar Sin Límites. The telenovela is written by Cuauhtémoc Blanco, who wrote the telenovelas Mi pecado, Cadenas de amargura, and El manantial.[2][3]. Amorcito Corazón. [2] Protagonizada por Esmeralda Pimentel y Erick Elias; con las participaciones antagónicas de Claudia Ramírez, Ximena Romo, Moisés Arizmendi y la primera actriz Helena Rojo. This causes Lucía to fall into a brief depression. Soon, Adriana discovers all of Rebeca's secrets and kicks her out of their house. El Color de la Pasión #5 One Sister's Death, ... Alonso and Naz are at the airport just now getting the news that he can get on the next flight back to Mexico. In addition Rebeca, more than an aunt, has been a mother for Lucía (Esmeralda Pimentel), although secretly hates her as she considers Lucía to be the living proof of the great love that there once was between her sister Adriana and Alonso.

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