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[22] A contemporary would later call him the "silliest woman who ever lived", a reference to his effeminacy. [cita requerida] Más tarde ocupó su lugar Armand de Gramont, conde de Guiche, hijo del mariscal de Gramont, príncipe de Vidache y virrey vitalicio de Navarra. Philippe was born on 21 September 1640 at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye in the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, the day before his mother Anne’s 39th birthday. They lived at the Palais Royal and at the Palais du Louvre. [90] The two were married in 1697 and became the parents of Louis XV. [76], Following Lepautre's death in 1679, work on Saint Cloud was continued by his executive assistant Jean Girard in collaboration with Thomas Gobert. Fue asimismo el responsable de la construcción del canal de Orleans, la cual financió, y la ampliación y embellecimiento del Chateaû de Saint-Cloud (del que solo quedan los jardines) y del Palais-Royal. Gaston was then known as le Grand Monsieur. Known as Mademoiselle at this time, she had an immense private fortune and had previously rejected suitors such as Charles II of England. El mayor, Alejandro Luis, duque de Valois, murió antes de cumplir los tres años; después siguió Felipe, titulado en vida de su padre duque de Chartres, futuro Regente de Francia; y finalmente Isabel Carlota, futura esposa del duque Leopoldo I de Lorena. [70] The Princess Palatine was Henrietta's first cousin once removed, since the latter's father (Charles I of England and Scotland) was the brother of Elisabeth Charlotte's paternal grandmother, Elisabeth Stuart, Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia. [31] Another lover of Philippe at this time was Antoine Coiffier, the Marquis d'Effiat. Minor improvements at the Palais Royal began in 1661 at the time of Philippe's marriage to Henrietta, but the property was part of the crown holdings, and had not been used officially for years. [73] A second son, Philippe, followed in 1674, and then a daughter, Élisabeth Charlotte, in 1676, after which the two mutually agreed to sleep in separate beds. Fue el segundo hijo de Luis XIII de Francia y Ana de Austria y Austria-Estiria, hermano menor de Luis XIV de Francia. [48], In 1664, Henrietta gave birth at Fontainebleau to a son who was given the title Duke of Valois. Fue el segundo hijo de Luis XIII de Francia y Ana de Austria y Austria-Estiria, hermano menor de Luis XIV de Francia. Although he was open about his homosexual behaviour and freely acted effeminately, he married twice and fathered several children. La primera esposa Enriqueta Ana consiguió hacerlo exiliar a Roma durante un tiempo. [cita requerida]. Felipe de Francia, duque de Orleans (Philippe de France, en francés; Saint-Germain-en-Laye; 21 de septiembre de 1640, † Saint Cloud; 19 de junio de 1701) fue un príncipe francés de la dinastía de Borbón, primer duque y fundador de la cuarta casa de Orleans. [17], In late June 1658, Louis became gravely ill. It lasted until 1653 in its two main phases: the Fronde Parlementaire (1648–1649) and the Fronde des nobles (1650–1653). El caballero de Lorena gobernó casi tiránicamente la Casa de Orleans, en detrimento de las dos duquesas de Orleans. He was the founder of the House of Orléans, a cadet branch of the ruling House of Bourbon, and thus the direct ancestor of Louis Philippe I, who ruled France from 1830 until 1848 in the July Monarchy. [61] She subsequently died between the hours of two and three in the morning of 30 June 1670 at the age of 26. English: Philippe of France, Duke of Orleans (September 21, 1640 – June 8, 1701), aka " Monsieur ", is the brother of Louis XIV. For fear of infection, Philippe could not see his brother. Portrait Index: Index to Portraits Contained in Printed Books", P1099. In January 1670, Philippe's wife prevailed upon the King to imprison the chevalier, first near Lyon, then in the Mediterranean island-fortress of Château d'If. Philippe married Elizabeth Charlotte, who converted to Roman Catholicism[64] on 16 November 1671. [16] At the coronation of Louis XIV on 7 June 1654, Philippe acted as dean, placing the crown of France on his brother's head. Nonetheless, the announcement of dinner halted the argument, and the brothers sat down to dine. The gardens were redesigned by André Le Nôtre, while the basin and lowermost canal were added by Mansart in 1698. [93] This slight was the source of great bitterness on the part of both father and son after. [11] He was also educated by the maréchal du Plessis-Praslin. Lane, William Coolidge. Hearing that Henrietta was ill due to a miscarriage, he returned to Saint Cloud, where she was recovering from an ordeal which almost cost her her life. [43] Relations were further strained when Henrietta allegedly seduced Philippe's old lover, the comte de Guiche. [28] As a member of the House of Guise, ranking as a prince étranger, Philippe could keep him near while at court and promote him within his own household without initially evoking scandal or offending sensibilities. Philippe was a patron of musicians such as Anglebert, Dumont, Arlaud, and Marie Aubry, many of whom would stay part of his son's household after his death in 1701. [7], The child Philippe was acknowledged to be attractive and intelligent. Exactamente, no quería que se reprodujera el caso de Gastón de Francia (hermano de Luis XIII) y sus intrigas con los grandes del reino contra el rey que habían dado lugar a la Fronda. Louis XIV himself looked for a second wife for Philippe, who was eager to have a male heir to continue the Orléans line. [18] After Louis's recovery, Philippe was once again left to his own devices.

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