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Both bands released 11 albums, grossing a total of ARS1 million[35] (equivalent to US$1,000,000 in 2020[16][17]). He performed 49 concerts in nine days, including one in front of more than 100,000 people in the tourist hotspot of Mar del Plata. Fernando Olmedo is on Facebook. He died on June 24, 2000 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the process, he lost control of his SUV and crashed against a barrier. [8] On April 8, he received the keys to the city of Formosa after having offered a concert in spite of the celebrations of its 121st anniversary. When the concert was over, he was asked to stay at the club to rest, but Bueno refused, expressing his desire to drive. Other. Bueno sold 500,000 records during his lifetime,[23] and the sales quintupled a month after his death, with his last album selling more than a million copies. [38] Bueno's cousin, Juan Carlos Olave, is a professional footballer.[72]. One of the songs from the set, a cover of a María Elena Walsh song, was used as the opening theme of the children's show Carozo y Narizota, broadcast on El Trece (Channel 13) in Argentina. [45] One year after his death, Sony Records released the album Todos Juntos con Rodrigo, which includes the original songs from Sabroso with added vocals from Argentine and international singers such as Celia Cruz and Luciano Pereyra. The title-track of Bueno's 1996 album. [57] During the Newsstand Day (Día del Canillita) celebrations, Governor of Córdoba José Manuel de la Sota announced his plans to commission a statue of Bueno. [14] According to eyewitness accounts, after stopping at a toll booth in the Hudson area of the Buenos Aires - La Plata Highway at between 0330 and 0345, Bueno's path was blocked by a white Chevrolet K5 Blazer four-wheel drive with tinted windows. The SUV tumbled 400 meters (1,300 ft) and the driver's door and left back door opened. [4][5] Growing up, Bueno was influenced by the cuarteto scene. Due to his demanding tours, Bueno began consuming beer to excess, which began to interfere with his performing. [64][65] Bueno's son, Ramiro gave the rights to make the movie and collaborated with director Muñoz to write the script, which was criticized by some family members including Bueno's mother, Beatriz Olave and brother Ulises Bueno for failing to tell his story as it really was. Instead, she decided to place the body in Las Praderas Cemetery in Monte Grande. His 1999 release A 2000 became the theme of a series of concerts begun in the Astral Theater and held the following year in the Luna Park Arena under the name of Cuarteto Característico Rodrigo A 2000 ("Characteristic Cuarteto, Rodrigo to 2000"). Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Club Olimpia Rey de Copas und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. In anger, Bueno started chasing the Blazer. His band divided into La Banda del Potro, represented by Leader Music, and Auténtica Banda de Rodrigo, represented by Magenta Records. Pesquera was declared innocent and released. His mother, manager and friends attended a memorial service where they placed a trophy over the marble grave, symbolizing the appreciation of his relatives, fans and friends. [7], After six months of mourning, he returned with Made in Córdoba. In 1993, his father died of a heart attack in Bueno's arms prior to a concert where he would promote his new release La Joya. [12] La Leyenda Continúa and Cuarteteando sold 60,000 copies each. Lo mejor del amor, directed and co-written by Lorena Muñoz, was released to mixed reviews. It soon went gold in Argentina with sales of 30,000 records. Following Bueno's death, four teen fans committed suicide. [11] Affected by his lifestyle and by disputes with Magenta Records,[18] Bueno announced his impending retirement on April 11, 2000. [24] Along with other famous singers who died at the same age, he became part of the 27 Club. He is widely regarded as the best, most famous and most influential singer in the history of this genre. [14], His personal profits at the time came from receiving 1% royalties on an estimated ARS9 million (equivalent to US$13,000,000 in 2020[16][17]) in record sales, as well as an additional ARS600,000 (equivalent to US$891,000 in 2020[16][17]) for album re-editions and ARS500,000 (equivalent to US$742,000 in 2020[16][17]) for a merchandise deal with Torneos y Competencias. [19][21], Gozalo negotiated the broadcast of the first concert with Azul Televisión. His short, dyed hair and casual clothes differed from typical cuarteto singers with strident colors and long curly hair. [42], Bueno spread cuarteto, originally a typical genre from the Córdoba Province, to a national level. A group of fans visited his mausoleum in 2011 on the 11th anniversary of his death. With the help of his father, he recorded an album of children's songs, Disco Baby, at the age of five. The next year he published La Leyenda Continua, recorded live at Fantástico Bailable. Fernando Olmedo, Actor: Los extraterrestres. A friend of his father belonged to the local band Manto Negro and offered Rodrigo a spot in the band. [11] The songs from his first album release, Lo Mejor del Amor, became major radio hits that propelled him to national fame and earned him an ACE Award for Best Musical Act from the Argentine Association of Entertainment Journalists. Rodrigo's account at Credicoop Bank contained US$300,000, but it was emptied by his brother Ulises before it was blocked by Judge Sangiorg. Favorites. After his path was blocked by another driver who had passed him on the turnpike, Bueno tried to chase the vehicle to move in front of it again. [23] (equivalent to US$2,000,000 in 2020). [61], A villa miseria in Buenos Aires' Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve was named after him. [54], In 2010, on the tenth anniversary of his death, the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies declared him as a salient personality of popular culture in the province. In 2000, while Bueno's popularity was soaring in Buenos Aires, consulting agency Delfos found that among people in Córdoba, 72% preferred the music of "La Mona" Jiménez while 15% preferred Bueno. His son Ramiro was born in 1997 during his brief second marriage to Patricia Pacheco. [26], In the early hours of June 24, after the show in La Plata, Bueno was driving back to Buenos Aires in a Ford Explorer SUV with his ex-wife, Patricia Pacheco; his son, Ramiro; Fernando Olmedo; musician Jorge Moreno; and radio host Alberto Pereyra.

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