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They believed that death was too kind to any blood traitor, so they decided to use him as an example to all traitors. From the chronological beginning of the games in God of War Ascension to its end in God of War III, Kratos killed as many twenty-eight Greek figures.. Deimos | Harpies | Sisters of Fate (Lahkesis, Atropos & Clotho) | In the next phase, you fight two Furies at once. To please his mothers, Orkos became the oath-keeper of those who pledge their oath to the gods. Barbarian King | God of War: Ascension Beware of the Fury supported by her pet - her attacks will be especially dangerous. Alecto resembles, Also the Furies are one of the 3 trio of sisters encountered in the series. Furies, or Erinyes, appear in ancient Greek mythology as female spirits of justice and vengeance. Polyphemus | Hera | In contradiction to the Fates, who are very loyal to Zeus and even willing to change fate in his favor, the Furies are more loyal to Ares to the point they want to aid him overthrow his father (though in Greek mythology, the Furies are loyal to Hades). Satyr | Upon encountering Orkos in Delphi, Kratos is informed that the Furies were once fair in their judgement and punishment, but became ruthless because of Ares, the God of War whom convinced the Furies to help him conspire against Olympus. These three sisters soon became the forever loyal servants of Hades. Eventually, Kratos comes across a house full of women who wanted to sleep with him. Medusa | Furies are a type of infantry unit in a Total War Saga: Troy. Killing those who betray Ares. There are three Furies that are going to appear in God of War: Ascension, but so far, only one of they has been revealed. Kratos attacks Tisiphone, breaking the illusion, but she escapes his clutches and watches as Megaera charges into Kratos and takes the battle out of the house and onto a large platform hanging from Aegeon. Doppelgängers | The Furies were created from the madness and rage of a war of the Pirmordials, that was waged before the Titans. Ceryx, God Of War II Alecto can mutate into a colossal sea-monster, Tisiphone can summon a phoenix named Daimon to attack on her behalf and Megaera can release a swarm of parasites from a diseased looking rash on her chest that bury into the skin of her enemies, possessing them into fighting for her. After he kills the Furies, Kratos meets with Orkos, who reveals that the Furies made Orkos the oath-keeper of Kratos once more just before their deaths. Argos | It'll be one big chaos. Kratos then dives down after Megaera and, just as the pair smash against a lower platform, he drives his blades into Megaera's chest, killing her instantly. Persian Army | Kratos coldly rebuffs Alecto, infuriating her and prompting both her and Tisiphone to kill Kratos once and for all. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Helios | Tisiphone then enters Alecto's Chamber and Kratos pursues her. Dredge of Boreas | Dragons | Occupations Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Perses | The Furies are sisters towards Aphrodite. Elephantaur | Hephaestus | In the beginning of time, The Furies were formed from the madness and rage of a war that was waged between the Primordials (the ageless creators of the world and universe), the Furies were tasked to punish the wicked and treacherous. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Theseus | They are considered the ruin of the traitors and punishers of all men, and were born from the blood of the primordial, Chaos, after her fight with Ourea. They are considered the ruin of the traitors and punishers of all men, and were born from the blood of the primordial, Chaos, after her fight with Ourea. Pandora's Guardian | She has spider-legs sprouting from the middle of her back and are several times larger then herself. After a long battle against the sisters, Kratos heavily injures Alecto's monster form by impaling a ship mast into her mouth and carving her skull open. Scylla | Revenant | Several times, Alecto attacks Kratos with her tentacles but is unable to kill him, or even stop him from making sufficient progress. Baldur | Morpheus | He promptly slashes at Megaera's abdomen and then charges into her, knocking them both of the ledge that the former was once bound on. Danaus | Kraken | Piraeus Lion | Euryale | After Orkos's death, the bond between Kratos and Ares was broken. Furies, Greek Erinyes, also called Eumenides, in Greco-Roman mythology, the chthonic goddesses of vengeance.They were probably personified curses, but possibly they were originally conceived of as ghosts of the murdered. Once he's caught up with Tisiphone, she orders her phoenix to attack Kratos again, but this only allows him to retrieve the Oath Stone of Orkos. They pursued Kratos after his "betrayal" of Ares, and were the only things that bound the Spartan to the God of War. Rocs | Crimes Gaia | However, this was revealed to be an illusion made by Tisiphone, which Kratos realized after he noticed that Tisiphone is wearing the ring of his wife Lysandra. He later turned against his mothers once they blinded his lover, Oracle Aletheia and unjustly punished Kratos. The Fury then leaves the scene as the mutated hand attacks Kratos. As Kratos approaches Alecto, Tisiphone and her pet attack him once more. Megaera states that her sisters are kinder to Kratos than she is, it's possible she states this because both Alecto and Tisiphone imply they have a sexual attraction towards Kratos. The first set of sisters are the, Also every Fury resembles a Sister of Fate. Cyclops | Bronze Talos | According to the Greek poet Hesiod, they were the daughters of Gaea (Earth) and sprang from the blood of her mutilated spouse Uranus. The Erinyes (/ ɪ ˈ r ɪ n i ˌ iː z /; sing. There were three sisters: Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone. Assassin | Hermes | Barbarians | Geryon | Arms of Hades | Though they are not deities themselves, the Furies possess many superhuman and supernatural powers. Sirens | However, she formed an illusion to become Lysandra, briefly stopping Kratos. This trilogy was the Oresteia, and tells the story of King Agamemnon and his family after the Trojan War. Type of Villains They are sisters who are sent to kill Kratos for betraying Ares. Magni | These include everything from the gods themselves to the Furies and … Powers/Skills Icarus | Lysandra is revealed to be Alecto, who promises Kratos that if he remains in servitude to Ares, the Furies will provide him with endless illusions of his wife to keep him happy. Later on in the game, after Kratos has reassembled the Statue of Apollo and entered the Lantern, which contains the Eyes of Truth, he encounters the three Furies once more. MagaeraTisiphoneAlecto Manticore | Therans, God of War: Ghost of Sparta The Furies (Megaera, Tisiphone/Daimon & Alecto) | Megaera's parasites then infect the mouth of Aegeon himself, forcing Kratos into an epic battle against the head of the Hecatonchires.

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