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English, Spanish and Patwa (Jamaican Creole) are first languages. This area also has small rivers, waterfalls and spectacular ocean views. Limon weather is different to the rest of Costa Rica, in that it doesn’t have a summer/rainy season. Although demand for real estate in the Limon area is not as strong as other parts of Costa Rica, enough demand has kept prices rising at a steady pace ranging from 10% to 20% yearly. Also, it is home to small zones like Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, Isla Uvita, Punta Uva, Cocles and Manzanillo which are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. One of the most beautiful and important is the Tortuguero National Park, which has a natural system of lagoons and waterways. The humidity is very high in this region, reaching sometimes in the mid 90s while the temperature averages around 30 degree Celsius but feels a lot hotter due to the humidity. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link you can use to pick a new password. One year after, the first Jamaican immigrants arrived to work on the railways, bringing with them their language, culture, religion and cuisine. Its unique culture is due largely to a heavy Jamaican influence, resident indigenous people and the agricultural cultivation encouraged by the United Fruit Company and foreign interests. Office US#  1.419.549.8055 It can rain year round, but the driest months are usually in March, April, September and October. Homes For Sale in Limón, Costa Rica | CENTURY 21 Global. Cahuita  Puerto Viejo  Playa Cocles  Punta Uva  Rio Banano  Siquirres. Create your account, it takes less than a minute. Please enter your username or email address. Many photos and unbiased Limon Grande hotel reviews written by real guests are provided to help you make your booking decision. store   Commercial   Center  Sol   Center, 300 meters west of the ARPE Hardware Most buyers of real estate in the Limon area, opt for small plots of land to build their own property while others buy houses already built. The other big spot in buying real estate in this area, is the hills found behind the coast of Manzanillo to Cahuita. Limon Real Estate Info. Caribbean style bungalows in a beautiful garden well kept ,surrounded by tropical vegetation and pure nature on the south Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo... Office Tel:  011.506.2653.1132 Most of the descendants of the railway workers from Jamaica, were not granted Costa Rica citizenship until 1949 and also for the major part of the first half of the of 20th century, blacks from this zone were not allowed to go westward past Turrialba. It takes less than a minute. The South Caribbean is somewhat limited as far as land availability. Investment wise, most big investors purchase large plots of land near the hills not too far inland. The kind of real estate offered in the Limon area is different than in other parts of Costa Rica. Some of the coastline isn’t yet accessible for building, but over time the area should continue to develop. However, Limon was almost a separate country for much of Costa Rica’s history. Garden  Plaza   –   Click Here! At least one resort is planned in the Caribbean, near Limón. The resort – known as Isla Moín – is designed to be a yachting community, and if it goes through, it could change the face of the Caribbean market, making it appear more accessible to buyers who may otherwise prefer the Pacific. Second   Floor,   Office  #2   In  front   of Office Tel: 011.506.2653.1132 Office Cel: 011.506.8847.2383 Office US# 1.419.549.8055 Fax/Cr: 011.506.2653 0022 Email: the   Grocery   Store  Auto   Mercado   & The laid-back, carefree Caribbean culture is a special beach blend, and you are sure to catch the “vibe.” The area also will entice you to adventures, such as canopy tours, hikes into indigenous reserves and water sports. Due to this, the Caribbean culture has remained intact, with most people speaking English, Spanish and Patios. Email: However, during the rainy months, lots of sunny days can still be enjoyed. Most buyers of real estate in the Limon area, opt for small plots of land to build their own property while others buy houses already built. Thatched huts, beach houses and colorful hammocks dot the jungles and a definite reggae beat permeates every community. Caribbean style bungalows ,surrounded by tropical vegetation and pure nature. A wildlife refuge in the area further restricts things.

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