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When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. It's reasonably well-balanced overall and the bass has a good amount of punch; however, there's not enough bass extension to produce any rumble or thump. The 'Warm 2' Color Temperature is warmer than our 6500K target, which results in a slight reddish tint. The Frame has a much higher contrast ratio, faster response time, and it gets a lot brighter. Brightness and Contrast were set to maximum. We purchase our own TVs and Tizen makes use of a straightforward row of apps and services – which overlays over whatever app or content you currently have playing on the television – with a second content row that pops up above whatever app you’ve selected containing the programming available within it. It’s still a notable improvement on the 2018 model, helped by a newer Quantum Processor 4K, which ensures Samsung’s usual upscaling excellence is fully on show – with both HD and 4K sources looking crisp and detailed on The Frame’s 50-inch UHD screen. Native 4k content is displayed perfectly. There seems to be a bug that's causing the Blur Reduction slider to not affect 30fps content. This helpful tool will make it clear for you, Use our data and table to find the best TV for your needs, Want to see us review a specific TV? Samsung The Frame 2020 is an overall good TV that's designed to blend into your decor and showcase beautiful works of art when the TV is idle. Ambient Mode is also well worth a look, utilizing – you guessed it – ‘ambient’ animations and customizable color gradients to help generate a calming atmosphere (or just match the wallpaper as precisely as possible). Aside from some minor differences in their outer design, the 2020 has a much higher contrast ratio and peak brightness. Skin tones aren’t always color-accurate, though – especially for non-white faces – and we found ourselves repeatedly switching between picture settings to try and amend this. It's enough to overcome glare even in very bright rooms. Update 11/27/2020: We've retested the supported resolutions with an HDMI 2.1 source and the latest firmware (version 1403). What about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This is incorrect. Smart TV (Tizen) Notably, Samsung has partnered with a number of renowned museums and galleries, including the V&A and Saatchi Gallery in London, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and plenty others from around the world. However, we were only able to get it to display an image at 4k @ 60Hz, even when using the same computer and settings that we had used to test the Q90R. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for gaming in HDR. Design The Frame is a set that doesn’t try to be super slim – with a thick, quality-material bezel – but it has a very flattering silhouette, without a protruding rear or jutting parts. Note that every picture mode except 'Movie' mode has Picture Clarity enabled by default. It normally flickers at 240Hz, but the frequency drops to 120Hz when Picture Clarity is enabled, even if you don't adjust the Blur and Judder reduction sliders. The back of the TV is fairly plain and has a fine horizontal texture etched into it. Don’t want to splash out on a new TV? The idea is that, even if you’re a regular TV-watcher, there are probably hours of the day when you’re stuck with a big black rectangle dominating your living room – which is why The Frame has so many features designed to help it blend in with your home decor. White balance and gamma are nearly perfect, and the color temperature is much closer to our target. The Frame 2020 doesn't have a local dimming feature. It doesn't affect picture quality but can affect text clarity when using the TV as a PC monitor. Decent reflection handling. While some QLED panels can output thousands of nits brightness (important for illuminating the wider color gamut in HDR), The Frame is a bit dim by comparison, at only a few hundred. Unfortunately, there's no local dimming to improve it further. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! Decent color volume. The Samsung The Frame 2020 is a very decent upgrade from the Samsung The Frame 2019. The bezels are thin on all sides and there's no Samsung branding anywhere on the front. Check out our guide to Cyber Monday TV deals to see what's still on offer. Unfortunately, it has rather poor viewing angles, so it's not the most ideal if your seating arrangement requires you to view from the side. The Frame 2020 supports eARC, allowing you to send high-quality object-based audio like Dolby Atmos via TrueHD over an HDMI connection. As expected, Alexa works fine, and you can set up the set to work in conjunction with Amazon Echo smart speakers and other Alexa devices too. We measured the peak brightness after calibration, using the 'Movie' mode and with Brightness set to maximum.

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