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This relatively easy day hike passes prickly cacti, ambling guanaco, and the occasional desert fox en route to a lookout with soaring views over the rugged coastline. It is this incredible scenic “miracle” that draws people in from all over the world and what makes it a “must see” destination. Typically, the W trek will require 4 nights. Hike back down to the town of Baños Morales, and you can rest your weary bones in its scenic hot springs. The W trek is called so because the footpath (or trekking trail) takes the form of a “W” on the map when looked down upon from above. The W Trek is a well-trodden hiking trail that takes the shape of a “W” when seen on the map. To avoid the crowds the best time to visit is before mid November or after March. Wild surfing beaches, oceanfront campsites, and waddling Humboldt penguins are the main attractions luring visitors to Pan de Azúcar National Park. Torres del Paine is for those who love nature and the outdoors. Your reward for this arduous journey is views of glistening glaciers, turquoise lagoons, and (if you're lucky) the endangered huemul deer. The Summer: December, January and February is typically the most popular time for visitors because the weather is warmer and it is the Winter holiday period in the Northern hemisphere. You'll also pass noisy colonies of fur seals and fluttering Juan Fernández hummingbirds. The Torres base is beside a lagoon at the base of the three vertically sided, “needle” towers of the Park. This eight-kilometer trail takes you deep into an Andean bowl (with peaks over 5,000 meters) and puts you right up along the edge of the San Francisco Glacier. You'll set off toward the Great Dune, following a route right across the Salt Mountain Range through a number of other geologically bizarre formations. The W Trek is within Torres del Paine National Park and is for people who wish to walk amid one of the most outstandingly beautiful and dramatic natural landscapes on Earth. If you aren't up for doing the trek on your own, guides are available in the service village of Villa Cerro Castillo and in the regional capital of Coyhaique about 1.5 hours away. Budget: The five-day, 53-kilometer Dientes Circuit wanders through the rugged and wind-blown backcountry of Isla Navarino, right where the Andes crumble into the Arctic Plate. The southernmost multi-day trek in the world should fit the bill! You will have a private service taking you around to the key sights with an option to include the boat trip to Grey Glacier too. Please supply us with as much information as you can about where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to experience and how much money you want to spend (or do not want to spend!). Not only is it among the longest countries in the world at 4,329 kilometers from north to south, but it averages just 177 kilometers in width. Most tours depart in the early evening to arrive in Valle de la Luna in time to watch the sun set. You don't need any prior mountaineering experience, but you will need a professional guide. Be prepared during the hike for strong winds and quick changes in weather that may delay your exit for a day or two. There are three key valleys on the W Trek that most trekkers want to experience and these are: the Grey Valley on the western end, where the middle is filled with water creating Grey Lake; in the central sector where the the French Valley is – home to hanging glaciers and incredible views; and on the eastern side is the Ascencio Valley filled with wooded sides, a river on the valley floor, hanging glaciers and the fabled Torres Base at the end (called so because it is the base of the vertically-sided, needle-like towers). From Camping Serron in the eastern sector to Refugio Dickson and then Camping Los Perros. Many visitors stay several days in La Junta to tackle the numerous hikes and mountain climbing routes up the granite domes. The sector after Camping Los Perros is uphill and difficult, but once at the top the view over Glacier Grey and the Southern Ice Filed is spectacular. Siete Tazas is a surprising, lush oasis in an otherwise dry corner of Central Chile with seven "cups" of crystal clear water cascading through a narrow gorge. From Camp Italiano it takes about 2.5hrs to get to the end, then, of course it is 2.5hrs back to the entrance. Most natural attractions in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile involve long drives into the high-altitude Altiplano and short walks once you arrive. A Scottish privateer and Royal Navy officer, he spent more than four years marooned on an uninhabited island off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific. By far the most popular hike in all of Patagonia, this 71-kilometer route is absolutely heaving with backpackers at the height of summer (January through February) but is otherwise a tranquil and breathtaking romp through some of Patagonia's biggest highlights, from the soaring granite spires of Paine Grande to the horn-like rocks of Los Cuernos. Not far from Puerto Williams, Lakutaia Lodge welcomes hikers with friendly guides and good food. Note that if you arrive in the winter, you do the trail in snowshoes. Most will come to Torres del Paine to hike the iconic “W” trek and the more serious walkers will walk the complete “circuit” that goes around the back sector behind the Central Massif. Torres Del Paine W Trek Torres del Paine is for those who love nature and the outdoors. Begin this muddy hike from the small town of Cochamó and plan for a full six-hour day of trekking to reach the remote outpost of La Junta, with refugios and campsites, your base for exploring the valley. You'll get views of the Puyuhuapi Fjord and the milky green Tempanos Lagoon before the hanging glacier finally comes into clear view. This iconic trail is nick-named “the Torres base trek” starting at Hotel Las Torres, eastern end of the Park and from here it takes 4hrs to get to the base. Look at any map of South America, and Chile will surely stand out for its string bean shape.

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