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So, after all of this, is the Purely Mask actually worth it? Always purchase masks only after your own research, and make sure that you rely on official sources. As I have already mentioned, I love the ear-strap and headband combination. The Xiaomi Purely mask is also equipped with a metal rod so that the user can adjust the fit of the mask, giving the best effect. This information is consistent with the labeling on the interior filter, which claims to meet the GB2626-2006 standard for KN95. Average filtration is between 98 and 99%. Of course, this means it will filter both bigger and smaller particles more effectively. Getting a perfect fit is very difficult, However. Purely Kn95 Anti-Pollution Air Mask with Pm2.5 550 mAh Battreies Rechargeable Filter Feedback ... Package included: 1 x xiaomi air mask 1 x mask filter 5 x 26mm purely filter 1 x spare mask cap 1 x 30mm spare cap. How does the mask work? Is there really a point in having a fan on a mask? However, when I was looking online for new masks to review I came across the Purely pollution mask by Xiaomi. With this fan comes motors and other elements. I am someone who appreciates simple masks that don’t stand out, and the Purely is one of these masks. Adjust the metal bar to the shape of the nose bridge by pushing the index and middle fingers together, moving your fingers from the bottom to the top and to the sides. Instructions on how to wear a mask correctly: Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. Certificates of the filtration results are provided on the website, and while these seem trustworthy I can’t guarantee. Your email address will not be published. The downside though, is that this speed is the loudest and is audible for others in quiet situations. The exterior of the mask has a graphite look with blue stitching. With an over-ear strap design made of soft material, with good elasticity, skin-friendly, it will create comfort, no ear pain when used for long periods of time. The design of the Purely Mask is one that I really like. Is it even as effective as a normal (non-fan) mask? However, when there are other ambient sounds it’s hard for others to hear the fan even if they are less than one metre away. On the two higher speeds I did notice airflow (little on the second, but a bit of airflow at the third speed), however, I found the sound to be too loud for it to be worth it. This is because the nosepiece of the mask also has some soft foam which helps with creating a seal. Compared to disposable respirators, this is a higher initial cost. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The biggest factor that influences the masks comfort though is the fact that the mask comes with an included headband. However, while the KN has strict requirements, there are sometimes counterfeit and fake filters that claim to have achieved this standard. While the sound at the two lower levels is not noticeable by others while outdoors, the third level can be quite loud. It’s really interesting that you point this out. Required fields are marked *, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker, Advantages of Xiaomi Purely mask KN95 standard, has a smart design that fits all users’ faces. However, at the third and final speed level, I did notice a difference. Confused on how it has 2 different filtration systems…one is KN95(the white mask )….the second is the blue filter which is rated at 2.5pm… (19.9.2020 update) – looking for a fan-powered mask with more powerful fans that provide significantly more airflow? Selling Price RM 150.00. While the mask achieves a good fit, as with most cloth mask designs the fit is limited. What do you think. I am not sure currently. However, while I do believe that the masks adhere to the KN95 standard, it is hard to verify the authenticity of the filter. 1 Write a Product Review Add to Wishlist. This website assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information and information is subject to change without notice. To put it more concisely, this is a mask with a fan on it. I review a lot of masks, and while there are differences, they are largely the same overall. It alleviates a lot of pain on the ears and makes it far more comfortable than many other reusable respirators on the market. Thank you for your comment! While this is usually fine at day time, it is something that can stand out at night time. In this review, due to the unique nature of the mask, I also have a look at the special fan. Ficha de Purely KN95 Electric Mask en Xiaomipedia: te explicamos dónde se puede comprar, sus características, hacemos un análisis y recopilamos opiniones Along with the easy-to-open folding design so that users can easily store masks in backpacks , bags, jackets, it helps to keep the masks hygienic and for longer time to use. Get the best deals for xiaomi purely mask at eBay.com. The Xiaomi Purely can be purchased from Gearbest. in the palm of your hand with the strap hanging down. Yes. If you have decided that this isn’t the mask for you, make sure to check out my post on the best reusable respirators! Detailed specifications: Xiaomi Purely facemask KN95 standard, The Xiaomi Purely KN95 respirator has a smart design that fits all users’ faces. The mask claims to have 99% filtration of PM2.5 particles and it also has an anti-bacterial coating. The vast majority of reusable masks such as Cambridge Mask and Vogmask use ear bands. The fact that a headband is included alleviates a lot of the possible pain, and in the end I didn’t notice the extra weight. I can not guarantee the effectiveness of the Purely mask filters. The price of the Xiaomi Purely mask differs over time, but the mask usually costs around $30 and has free shipping. The third filter is the KN95 standard filter, which has a strong ability to filter bacteria. Xiaomi Purely KN95 Anti-Pollution Air Mask with PM2.5 550mAh Battreies Rechargeable Filter. will prevent the mask from touching the nose and mouth to avoid affecting the lipstick and makeup. Xiaomi Anstar KN95 Face Mask Offered For $19.99, Your email address will not be published. At the second and third speed levels I did notice slight airflow, however, the fan is also quiet loud at these speeds. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information herein with other sources. Before I begin, I want to note that finding information on these masks is very difficult. Therefore, please keep in mind that I am only stating what I have learnt from the website and my own personal experiences. Check out my recent Koolmask review. It’s unclear how this is designed around nose area to prevent haze (on my glasses). The fan itself is quite small, but the fan module is quite big. I have often complained about ear bands in the past, and this is one of my biggest issues with the common standard of reusable masks today. In regards to wearing glasses, I found this mask to be better than most (I also wear glasses often).

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