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他の製品で注文する」, 1. Unboxing Xiaomi Smartmi Anti-Pollution Mask PM 2.5 - YouTube 今回はXiaomiのスマート体重計Mi Scale 2を購入したことを紹介します。Mi Scale 2はガラス素材で構成され、文字盤を画した独特なデザインがおしゃれなスマート体重計です。日本語対応 … If you mind, please don't buy it. The high efficiency filter forms an effective barrier against pollutants. Light breathing anti-haze masks, unbridled breathing, not just cool, filtration efficiencyof more than 97% PM2.5, effectively blocking more than 0.3um bacteria3. Google PlayまたはApp Storeで無料アプリをダウンロードします。. We use food grade high quality materials and strictly prohibit chemical agents during manufacturing, making the entire product safer, more eco-friendly, and devoid of any harmful gases, giving you the safest, closest protection available. Large-caliber cold flow breathing valve, and said wet bye-bye, large diameter cold flow breathingvalve 40mm in diameter, 0.3mm thin silicone valve, return to natural breathing experienceSpecification :Brand Smartmi ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) Main Filter MaterialDouble-layer MeltblownColor Dark GreyQuantity 1PCWeight About 150gImplementation Standards GB 2626-2006 KN95Package Size 190 x 150 x 15mm Package Includes :1 x Face Mask 1 x Holder1 x HookPlease be kindly noted:1.the listed product is produced and distributed abroad and subject to the laws of its country of origin.2.This product Does Not Have Xiaomi logo, but this product released by xiaomi ecological chain company and sells by Xiaomi Youpin.Because the product sells well, black and gray will be shipped at random. Larger-caliber cool flow exhalation valve. I like it this washable Spandex mask but M size I think it could be suitable for children or women with small faces, not for a … 分割払いで、このオファーを享受できない場合があります The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask’s 3D vaulted skeleton and breathable materials create nearly 200 cm3 of adequate breathing space, letting you breath in fresh air unobstructed. The dual-layered smelt blown HEPA ultra-fine fiber weaving is effective against bacteria, fine particles and PM 2.5 pullutants with an efficiency of over 97%, fully compliant with GB/T 32610 - 2016 National Standards. Xiaomi Smartmi KN95 Face Mask is designed in the form of 3D dome with the tip of the mask facing forward to create breathing space with a capacity of up to 200cm 3 for users. TPU elastic membrane composite superfine sponge. With an outside diameter of 40mm, the large-caliber cool flow exhalation valve makes air flow even more smoothly with a 0.3mm ultra-thin silicon gel sheet that allows the mask to quickly revert to its original shape. Smartmi mask from Xiaomi arrived after more than one month. The more personal it is, the more important no harm to your body becomes. The Xiaomi Smartmi KN95 FFP2 Face Mask (protects against moderate levels of dust, solid and liquid aerosols) provides light breathing in smog. Xiaomi Smartmi Anti-Pollution Air Sport Mask Block PM2.5 Haze Anti-haze Adjustable Ear Hanging 3D Design Comfortable with Ventilating Valve. Do face masks usually leave you feeling stuffy and uncomfortable? Thanks for your understanding! The Smartmi Breathlite Anti-smog Mask possesses a KN95 high efficiency filtration rating, while also being rated for a filtration level effective against over 97%. 360° fully closed comfortable design effectively stops air leakage and prevents lenses fogging while wearing glasses. サブスクライブを押すことにより、Gearbestの製品およびサービスに関するマーケティング情報を受け取り、Gearbest プライバシーポリシー。 私はいつでも同意を取り消すことができます。, この商品は代金引換で配送をサポートしています。 提案:代金引換払い以外の商品を注文しないでください。代金引換払い方法を選択できない場合があります。, 注文処理には数日かかる場合があります。 倉庫から発送されると、配送(または配送)時間は配送方法によって異なります。, 0 span>無利子で楽しむことができます The 3D vaulted skeleton has been designed with the complexities of your facial structure in mind.

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